Looking For a Sign?

Greene Beanery Coffee House Roastery, Ohio

When you walk in the door the sign on the wall reads, “If you were waiting for a sign this is it.Tweet: If you were waiting for a sign this is it. https://ctt.ec/V1g6R+

If you are looking for a sign you’ve died and gone to heaven that is.  I’m talking about the Greene Beanery Coffee House Roastery in Peebles, Ohio located in Adams County.  The moment I walked in the door the delicious coffee aroma made me take a deep breath and bask in it.  I thought I was in heaven.

For lunch I had the featured Red Pepper Bisque  which was delicious and an iced coffee.  The ice cubes are made with frozen coffee.  Prices were $3.75 and $3.55 respectively.  With free Wi-Fi this is a great place to stop in during the day and write a blog post or get some work done.  Or just relax by the fireplace or on the porch.

Our current little gift shop location has some issues with water leaking in so I was out looking for a new space to rent or buy today.  After my stop here in Peebles I think I found my sign and where we’ll be moving to.


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