Scramble Squares

Puzzles Are Exercise

Puzzles can be great exercise for the brain. These Scramble Squares make great gifts for the puzzle enthusiast, children, seniors, adults, and teens.

They are easy enough to play for the very young, the very old, and everyone in between.

The problem is that solving them isn’t so easy. Try one out and you’ll be hooked.

They are inexpensive and come in dozens of beautiful styles.

They are a hit with both men and women … and are great for birthdays, holidays, family get-togethers, and more.

There are millions of combinations to arrange the pieces, but only one solution.

The graphics on each Scramble Square are on nine 4 inch by 4 inch squares coming in a sturdy vinyl ziplock pouch to keep the pieces in.

Each one also includes educational facts as well as a trivia quiz on its subject.

It is a great way to learn critical thinking, patience, statistical probabilities, and perseverance.

Come to an event and take the Five Minute Challenge. If you are able to solve our puzzle in less than five minutes you can take one home for FREE.

Just ask Sarah of Maineville, OH … she did!

Order Online

Scramble Square Manatees


sc sq parrots


Scramble Square Bald Eagles
Manatees $7.95

Parrots $7.95

Bald Eagles $7.95


Scramble Square Ballet Scramble Square Cocktails sc sq gymnastics
Ballet $7.95

Cocktails $7.95

Gymnastics $7.95


Scramble Square Crustaceans Scramble Square Seahorses Scramble Square Teachers
Crustaceans $7.95

Seahorses $7.95

Teachers $7.95


scramble square bats Scramble Square Red Hats sc sq rodeo
Bats $7.95

Red Hats $7.95

Rodeo $7.95


Puzzles are a quiet and entertaining way to help develop and maintain mental agility.