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Magnet Works Ltd. began in 1988 with 16 designs for mailwraps. Over 20 years later they maintain a collection of over 250 designs.

This little idea to make mailboxes more decorative has grown into something big. They now have 5 product lines including standard flags and garden flags.

Magnet Works Ltd. products are made in the U.S.A at their plant in St. Louis, MO.

You’ll find the quality of these products to be durable and lasting giving you a great value for your money. With affordable pricing it’s fun to change your yard and mailbox with the seasons.

Their quality is backed with a one year weather proof guarantee.

Take a look at these designs to give your yard and mailbox a little personality to make it stand out.

They fit standard 6.5″ wide by 19″ length mailboxes.

Some mailwraps can even be customized with your address numbers. These are noted as “addressables.”

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downhill penguin

Mailwrap Downhill Penquin $14.95

penguin party.jpg

Mailwrap Penguin Party $14.95

whitetail deer.jpg

Mailwrap Whitetail Deer $14.95


download (1)

Mailwrap God Bless America Addressable $18.95

big splash.jpg

Mailwrap Big Splash $14.95

annes geraniums.jpg

Mailwrap Annie’s Geraniums $14.95


birdhouse garden.jpg

Mailwrap Birdhouse Garden $14.95

cat in the garden.jpg

Mailwrap Cat in the Garden $14.95

goldfinch and coneflower

Mailwrap Goldfinch & Coneflower $14.95

daisy splendor.jpg

Mailwrap Daisy Splendor Addressable $18.95

hummingbird plaid

Mailwrap Hummingbird Plaid $14.95

morning flight.jpg

Mailwrap Morning Flight Addressable $18.95

morning glory

Mailwrap Morning Glory $14.95


Mailwrap Roses $14.95

seasons harvest

Mailwrap Season’s Harvest $14.95

Mailwrap Sunflowers $1495

super tulip

Mailwrap Super Tulip $14.95

sweet petunias

Mailwrap Sweet Petunias $14.95

tulip splendor addressable

Mailwrap Tulip Splendor Addressable $18.95

turning leaves addressable

Mailwrap Turning Leaves Addressable $18.95

valentine heart

Mailwrap Valentine Heart $14.95

wildflower plaid

Mailwrap Wildflower Plaid $14.95


Don’t forget mailwraps can make a great hostess gift as well.

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