My First Meetup

Finally made it to my first Meetup!  I met with the Cincinnati Blogging Group earlier this week for a discussion about 2017 Editorial Calendar Planning.  As a newcomer to blogging this was a great topic for my first Meetup.

I had already decided that I believe in the importance of having an editorial calendar to keep me on track.  I learned some things to consider when creating my calendar, as well as some great resources for planning and brainstorming ideas.  Plus, I enjoyed meeting some fellow bloggers and website owners.   For me it is important not to isolate myself because I feel I really benefit from collaborating with others.

So I’ve hammered out a solid plan for the next month or so and have a good start on the rest of the year.  It’s January in Ohio, but I’m already thinking of summer flowers and vegetables.  Be watching for Down In The Garden posts.   I will be doing some Tuesday Travels and giving you some Thursday Thoughts from time to time.   I’ve also got some fun videos (!!! 🙂 ) coming your way.

I often recommend to patients who are struggling with a life event or circumstance to join a support group.  The thing is – we don’t have to wait until we are struggling to join forces with people who share our own interests.  Why not mingle and create a network of friends that can help keep you from reaching the struggling in the first place?