Chicago Coffee Roastery

Chicago Coffee, Jamaican Me Crazy, Vanilla Nut Creme, flavored coffee

Chicago Coffee Roastery’s coffee is in our pantry. With their delicious flavors you are sure to find one that will warm you up.

Whoo hoo! We’ve added coffee to our pantry. These are flavored coffees from Chicago Coffee Roastery (notice coffee is their middle name).

They take their fresh roasted coffee and coat it with oil based flavoring extracts.

They contain no sweetners, sugars, or calories – just the most authentic flavors available.

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Chicago Coffee 11oz Bags$9.95

Chicago Coffee Vanilla Nut Creme Vanilla and hazelnuts swirled together for a sweet treat.

Chicago Coffee Hazelnut Crisp, crunchy, hazelnuts.

Chicago Coffee Jamaican Rum Smooth Rum

Chicago Coffee Nutty For You A nut mix with a touch of sweetness.

Chicago Coffee Jamaican Me Crazy Blend of Jamaican Rum and Mexican Liqueur

We appreciate the warmth and aroma of a nice cup of coffee in the morning.

Don’t forget coffee also makes a great gift. Your host or hostess would love an embroidered kitchen towel wrapped around a bag of their favorite flavor!

coffee hostess gift

How does your coffee get its flavor?

Its acidity, aroma, and body all combine together.

The acidity is what gives coffee its sharp, vibrant flavor – without good acidity your coffee will be flat.

We all know coffee’s aroma. It is the fragrance before and during drinking that helps bring across the subtle characteristics of your cup of brew.

The feeliing your coffee has in your mouth is its body. It could be thick, heavy or rich. You might describe a heavy body as earthy or nutty.

Our coffees are roasted to American Roast which is traditional roast level of American style coffee. (If you prefer a Vienna Roast, Full City Roast, French Roast, or Expresso Roast let us know and we can bring it to you that way.)

It is much different than the Expresso Roast where the beans are roasted to the extreme limit, black with heavy oils flirting with the edge of ruin.

As coffee is roasted longer unique characteristics of Varietals diminish. Thus the rising popularity in Expresso Blends. Deep heavy rich flavor with dark roasted smokeyness.

A good quality bean with proper roasting will never become burnt or bitter.

Chicago Coffee Roastery uses only arabica coffee beans handpicked at higher altitudes to bring you a better tasting coffee.