Out Geocaching


Geocaching is a great way to get outside and have fun.

This was the first cache we ever found. Of course, you probably can’t see it in this picture.

That’s the whole idea.

Most people don’t realize how many (there are over 800,000 in the world) of these caches are hidden right where they work and play everyday.

This cache is right outside a Dr. Pepper plant. Maybe if we zoom in on it you’ll be able to see it.


It’s a green and brown plastic dinosaur which blends in quite nicely with its surroundings.

This is what is termed “an atypical container”. It definitely was not what we expected. It was such a surprise it had us hooked.

We spent the better part of the day looking for this little guy.

In part because at first we accidentally plugged the wrong coordinates in our GPS.

If you have a hand held GPS that you can log coordinates into you’ll be set… just be sure to double check that you entered them correctly.

Now sometimes we just use a USB cable and download them from from the internet.


Now can you see the dinosaur cache?

Once you find the cache most of the time there is a log book that you sign and date.

You can also record your find at the official geocaching website. Each cache has its own webpage where you can read other cachers entries.

Other (traditional) caches are larger. Along with the log book will be other small trinkets. In this case you sign the book, leave a trinket and take a trinket with you.

Other caches are so small there isn’t even a log book (or if there is it is very tiny). These are considered microcaches.

The second cache we looked for was a microcache and we never did find it. This everyday idea for fun is one the whole family can enjoy.