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Take some time to remind yourself of some great everyday ideas that you already know but may have forgotten.

Know what I mean?

If something resonates… keep reading.  We have ideas about healthy living, decorating, parenting, gift giving, business, going green, romance, tech stuff, writing, fashion – you name it!

Let us be a source of ideas for dinner, gifts, fashion, children, home, lawn and life too.

The best way to stay balanced in life is not to get too hung up on any one thing. Everyone has their own individual interests. But remember to look around at other areas once in a while.

You may be pleasantly surprised at what ideas you find to use everyday.

When you put them all together you will discover that they come full circle. Each part of your life is intertwined with another.

As you weave new ideas into each area you will feel more balanced and fulfilled.

The tricky thing about balancing is that it is an ongoing art. As soon as something changes over here it triggers something else to change over there.  You have to be alert and continually looking for new ideas to help adapt if you want to keep the scales even.

Balance for the sake of being balance is no good either.  Don’t be afraid to tip the scales if you are inspired to. If you are passionate about something – go for it! Bury yourself in deep and enjoy it. Pure genius sometimes takes focus.

I used to say I was a recovering perfectionist, but I’ve since revised that. Striving for perfection and throwing balance out the window can sometimes be well worth it.  Other times “good enough” will do. It’s up to you to decide.

Generally speaking, I try to avoid “overwhelm.”  We like to focus on keeping it simple, our ideas should be fairly easy to incorporate into your life.

We are SFETE (smiling from ear to ear) to share our life and Little Gift Shop OH with you.


We carry a variety of merchandise including gifts for home, baby, office, inspirational, birthday, seasonal, jewelry, bridal, books, cards, and more.

We have lots of well known lines, such as, Suzy Toronto  and Pure of Heart. We also have Foundations and Willow Tree, to name only a few.

We have a fun selection of handmade items such as our snowman card holder, comic latin garden picks, and a wide selection of hand knit and crocheted items.  Handmade items are unique and may vary in appearance. Like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike.

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