Edens Angels

Eden's Angels

These angels make great gifts. For every angel sold $1.00 is donated to Make a Wish Foundation.

Eden's Angels  Hope $19.95

Eden’s Angels Hope $19.95 Sorry this angel is sold out.

” Hope Embrace Hope tightly in your heart and be confident that in the end, the results are meant to be.”

Eden's Angels Love $29.95

Eden’s Angels Love $29.95

“Love Those who radiate emotions of true love are sure to attract an equal abundance of love into their life.”

Eden's Angels Friendship $29.95

Eden’s Angels Friendship $29.95 Sorry this angel is sold out.

“Friendship Kind, gentle, supportive & true, I’m forever thankful for a great friend like you.”

Eden's Angels January $9.95

Eden’s Angels January $9.95 Only one angel left

“Accented with the color of Garnet and beautified by the Carnation, January’s Angel is determined and confident with an abundance of Wisdom, giving her the ability to overcome any challenge.”

Eden's Angel's February $9.95

Eden’s Angel’s February $9.95 Only one angel left

“Preserving affections and protecting from harm, and Amethyst highlights the goodness and qualities of a February Angel. Blessed with energy, inspiration and intuition, she personifies integrity and empathy with others.”

Eden's Angels March $9.95

Eden’s Angels March $9.95 Sorry this angel is sold out.

“Represented by the healing stone of Aquamarine and eloquent beauty of the Daffodil, the March Angel is thoughtful and compassionate – qualities characterized by intelligence and sensitivity that gives others a soothing sense of peace.”

Eden's Angels April $9.95

Eden’s Angels April $9.95 Sorry this angel is sold out.

“Symbolic of love and affection, April’s Sweet Pea Angel has the confidence and enthusiasm for life that will put the sparkle of Diamonds in the hearts of others – sharing with each the warmth and brilliance that such zest imparts.”

Eden's Angels May $9.95

Eden’s Angels May $9.95 Sorry this angel is sold out.

“Represented by the Emerald ‘gem of hope’, May’s positive energy blossoms like a Sunflower in sunshine’s beam. Patient and calm, May’s Angel embraces others with confidence and constant love.”

Eden's Angel June $9.95

Eden’s Angel June $9.95 Sorry this angel is sold out.

“June’s Angel is the perfect example of balance – the beauty of a Rose blossoming from its thorns. Blessed with the quality of loyalty, June’s spirit proves there is goodness and beauty all around us.”

Eden's Angel July $9.95

Eden’s Angel July $9.95 Sorry this angel is sold out.

“Kind and loving, July’s Angel has clarity far beyond that of its own radiant ruby. With great consideration for others, your confidence and outreach of kindness provides an abundance of love and protection to all those around you.”

Eden's Angels August $9.95

Eden’s Angels August $9.95 Sorry this angel is sold out.

“Strong in courage and creativity, the green of the Peridot represents your great balance of purity and energy. Like the petals of a Lily, your heart and arms reach out to inspire others. August’s strength of love is compared to the rays and energy of the sun.”

Eden's Angel September $9.95

Sorry… This angel is sold out.

Eden's Angels October $9.95

Eden’s Angels October $9.95 Sorry this angel is sold out.

” The multi-colors of Toumaline highlight the beauty and inexhaustible energy of October’s Angel. Ambitious, yet balanced like the petals of a Calendula, your calmness and positive spirit are truly a blessing and a treasure.”

Eden's Angel November $9.95

Eden’s Angel November $9.95 Sorry this angel is sold out.

“The golden shade of Topaz, symbolizing the sun, represents your positive horizon. Paired with the hardiness of Chrysanthemums, November’s Angel is a true optimist with an uplifting spirit that proves to be a very supportive and trustworthy companion.”

Eden's Angel December $9.95

Eden’s Angel December $9.95 Only one angel left

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