Enjoy Gift Giving

Photo by Darren Coleshill

Do you sometimes get stressed when gift giving? You hear it all the time (especially at Christmas), advertisements constantly telling you how important it is to give the perfect gift (who needs that kind of pressure?).

We would like to change that. Let’s not look for the perfect gift, but rather, the right gift. The right gift is the best gift you can give at the time.

Maybe you don’t have all the time in the world to search for a gift. Perhaps you have spent time looking for a while and nothing quite grabs you. Eventually, it’s decision time.

Let’s face it. Time is not the only factor. What you can afford also impacts what you buy. Maybe you are at a time when you can be extravagant and money isn’t an issue. Maybe you are not.

The point of any gift is usually to say, “I care about you.” We want people to remember what we gave them because we want them to remember we care about them.

We value them as people. We value our relationship with them and the time we spend together. So we want our gifts to convey those feelings to the receiver.

These everyday ideas are all different factors people take into consideration when buying a gift. The right gift.

It’s funny. How many times have you bought something for someone because it was funny? You wanted to share the joke with that special someone who you knew would get it. It brings joy to its receiver.

It’s useful. You see something and you know it is going to be useful for your friend. It’s a solution to a problem they’ve been dealing with.

It’s inspirational. Sometimes the inspiration comes in words. Other times the inspiration is simple and quiet without words as with Willow Tree. The inspiration may come from something that has meaning specifically to your relationship.

It’s unexpected. We all know some of the best gifts we’ve ever been given are ones we weren’t expecting. So it stands to reason if we give an unexpected gift it will be remembered.  Some of the best romantic ideas are unexpected.

Remember these ideas when you are giving and hopefully you won’t be stressed when you are out shopping for a gift.  Enjoy the process of finding and giving the gift that lets its receiver know why you gave it.

Usually if you are giving from the heart you will find more things than you can give and have to choose which one is best.

By “giving from the heart” we mean giving without strings attached… giving because you want to not just because you feel obligated to… giving because you care.

When you have these gift giving ideas in mind you will find shopping is fun and not a chore. Probably you will find joy in giving and will be spreading joy to others as well.

These ideas can be applied to any gift you might be giving. Whether it’s for baby, for home, for anniversary, for birthday, or hostess.

Looking for more ideas?  Gift baskets are another idea to keep in mind when you are giving  a gift.

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