Blossom Bucket

Blossom Bucket is a gift and home decor wholesaler who offers a whole lot of craft from a collection of talented artists.  If our space wasn’t so limited we could fill it up with these whimsical pieces.

At the beginning of summer we set sail with a collection of tiny sailboats, lighthouses, and nautical villages.

Then we added their unique lamps and vases that offer thoughtful sentiments.

Their fun characters make us smile.

Their little figures offer country charm.

Their seasonal items make decorating your home a delight.

If you haven’t seen Blossom Bucket you will LOL (Laugh Out Loud) with delight when you do.

TY (Thank You) for reading this and HAND (Have a Nice Day) !


Look at their fun texters and you’ll know what we mean. These are great to set on a desk or by a computer to add a little fun to your day.

Oh My Gosh!

Approximately 4.25 inches long by 1.75 inches high.

Laughing Out Loud

Approximately 4.25 inches long by 1.75 inches high.

Works For Me

Approximately 4.75 inches long by 1.75 inches high.

Smiling From Ear to Ear


What’s Up?


Talk To You Later



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