Who Else Wants a Good Night’s Sleep?

Sleep Masks.jpg
Beauty Sleep in Progress

We want a good night’s sleep especially with busier schedules that go hand in hand with the approaching holidays.  If you want to sock in a good night’s sleep too (or know someone that does) consider a sleep mask.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) encourages us to get a good night’s sleep to better impact our health.  More and more people are heeding their recommendations and taking a closer look at their sleep habits.  People are measuring how long they sleep and the quality of their sleep with activity trackers such as a Fitbit.

For our most recent craft and gift show we made these comfy little sleep masks.  Some of them we made from scratch and other designs we purchased online.  Not only does low lighting in the evening help prepare your mind and body for rest, but blocking unwanted light while you sleep helps your body produce the hormone melatonin naturally to help you sleep.  We made our masks lightweight with elastic and filling to ensure a good, comfortable fit. We also made the back side of our masks with dark purple fabric to help maximize light blockage.

No more counting sheep when you hit the hay to log Z’s when wearing one of these masks. Rest well and get up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

These masks are a simple little gift to give someone on their own or you might consider making them part of a bigger gift basket.  You could put them with a pair of pajamas, gift certificate, lotion, pillow/linen spray, or even some linen like our inspiration pillowcases. 

Use your imagination and leave comments about what ideas you have that could be added to a sleep gift basket.

The holidays approacheth and we are kicking off our holiday gift guide with #wrapitupWednesday.  Each week from here through the new year (2017!) we will post one of our gifts along with giving suggestions to go with it.

Shop online or check us out at an upcoming event.

For more information on sleep go to:

NIH Age Page: A Good Night’s Sleep


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