Give the Gift of Laughter


This week for Wrap It Up Wednesday 2016 we suggest you give the gift of laughter. Who doesn’t like to receive a gift that makes them smile when they open it?

This sign made me smile.  I bought it for my sister-in-law.

In our shop we have some of the witty sayings from Suzy Toronto.  These are great for the women on your list.   Make them smile with: “Pretending to be a Normal Person Day After Day is Exhausting!Tweet: Pretending to be a Normal Person Day After Day is Exhausting!

Some of Suzy’s funny gifts come in the form of coasters, bag tags, mouse pads, books, coloring books, and prints.

Whimsical can also make people laugh when then tear away the paper.  Like this fork that was repurposed into an elephant necklace.

Elephant Necklace Crafted from a Fork

My daughter found this fun ice cube tray for our Finding Dory lovers.

For our genius friend we bought this paper clip holder.

When you give  the gift of laughter not only will you make your friends and family laugh, but you will find yourself smiling too!

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